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6 definitions by chris and liam

skanky irritating twat
raj u dirty aids infested rat cunt.
by chris and liam January 11, 2007
59 7
another name for your cock. unless you are a gay, and then its a man pleaser.
aite sweetheart, cum over here and suck on my woman pleaser.
by chris and liam January 15, 2007
55 16
good insult, fun to use.
chris: oy you fucking gay
liam: why dont you shit off you hairy dogs cock
by chris and liam February 09, 2007
55 19
series of short english live action animations of an orange haired youngster who makes his dads and poor lil sisters life absolute hell. he rides around on his trusty "hydro chopper" doing the filthy things we all find so funny includig having tourettes at his dad an coming up with with his alter ego "captin buggernuts" whos mission is to save the world from the evil Dr arserot.
angry kid is a legend
by chris and liam January 17, 2007
38 11
lesbian, a female who likes the taste of twat.
mate, i wouldnt even bother trying it on with charlotte over there apparently she's a liver licker!
by chris and liam January 15, 2007
49 23
a shorter, nicer version of the word treacle, similar to sweetheart can be used towards either sex.
aite sweetheart, u ok?
yeah am fine thanx treac!
by chris and liam February 13, 2007
29 19