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From the cockney rhyming slang 'treacle tart'.
See Eastenders for countless examples of this and other classics such as 'you're 'aving a barf'
by Ben July 06, 2005
coloquial (UK): An attractive woman.
Alroit there treacle? Sorry.. hey! come back duchess!
by Spencer February 03, 2003
molassas, honey is also described as treacle.
Please get the jar of treacle (molassas) off the pantry shelf for our treacle tarts.
by luxie November 25, 2006
Pronounced 'tray-a-kul' - a person who hails from the Mid Wales town of Welshpool. Apparently there used to be (and still may be) a treacle factory there.
At least I'm not an in-bred like you, you treacle c**t!
by european_bob September 08, 2005
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