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derived from janky, to describe something as sub-par, poor quality, etc.
Man, that pop quiz today was some jank-ass shit!
by choad June 20, 2003
comes from the word nukka, which comes from the word nigga, which came from the word nigger, which came from the word negro
used as in a african american adressing another one of his african american friends or a blake man or woman
niccuh 1:niccuh get yo ass ova herrrr b4 i bust a cap in yo ass
niccuh 2: mang stop trifflin' niccuh
by chOad March 30, 2005
the act of fucking and then spiting on a womens back then she thinks you're done but then you cum in her face
i gave sally a hidden houdini and she took it by surprise.
by choad March 08, 2004
Someone who is no longer going done the hill at a slow pace, but is running at a full trot and can not stop themselves
Jim is a sexagenarian
by choad May 06, 2004
1. benk, cloud, fubu (n00bie), shanghei, hyper and savi0
2. A black person
Yo nayka, whats up, want a hit?
by choad June 05, 2003
Jacking off to small desert rodents.
Stop hamsterbating on my cage you whore.
by choad May 08, 2003
Dingleberries are found in the anal and choad region of the body. They are a combination of toilet paper and sheot. This combination is practically indestructable.
New! Capt'n Crunch with dingleberries.
by CHOAD April 08, 2003

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