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You laughin and dancin, until they stick you have you holdin your chest like im singing the national anthem
by chingy November 06, 2003
exactly what it sounds like,
nelly, chingy, jermaine dupri (but hes not a rapper) ll cool j, um... ther r sum others
by chingy December 18, 2003
big ass rims
damn, look at them 24's
by Chingy November 22, 2003
A noun referring to a male who is adept at getting "it," i.e. that which he desires; most often, attention (sometimes sexual) from the opposite sex.

Also, an imperative interjection used by one male companion to another, encouraging him to pursue said desires.

See get it boy jersey.
Did you hear that Damon hit that chick he was freaking at the club?

Yeah, he's a get it boy.
by chingy February 06, 2005
The proverbial clothing worn by a get it boy. Not a real piece of clothing; rather, the concept of such an article. If it existed in physical form, it would say "get it boy" across the shoulders, where the last name usually is.
You wanna party, let me get the YG's, and we a be thurr in a minute/
Maybe chickenhead with it/
I'm in the authentic get it boy jersey, G.I.B hat fitted
by chingy February 06, 2005
circa 1999.
Origin: Southern region of the United States.

1. To disagree without reason before thinking about the question.
2. To lack communication skills.
3. Hard to work with.
I asked him if it could be done and without thought he said "NO!" and got mad. He's such a parvino I can't stand it!
by chingy April 02, 2004

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