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3 definitions by charlie badass

a hankerchief or rag that is used for masterbating
my mom found my spankerchief under my bed
by charlie badass January 06, 2011
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a rather lame bachelor party that doesn't include strippers, midgets, hookers etc.
Man, josh is so pussy-whipped that he want to go play golf for his bachelor party, it's more like a snatchelor party cause he's being such a vagina.
by charlie badass February 19, 2011
1 1
any agency, federal, state, or local, protecting the u.s. border from illegal immigrants. department of immigration, I.N.S. border patrol
i'm sick of seeing all these fuckin mexicans lurking around home depot... the border bouncers need to step it up.
by charlie badass February 16, 2011
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