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A blob of slimy goo that defies gravity. Ranged in color from black to lime-green. Makes cars fly and basketball players jump to stupefying heights. From FLying rUBBER.
That's exactly what it is. Flying rubber. IT'S FLUBBER!!
by Chad February 13, 2004
See muzak.
Smooth jazz is great for elevators, cubicles, and the dentist's office.
by Chad June 20, 2004
car similar to a Crown Victoria in style, but has a lot more balls and is often confused with police cars
2003 Mercury Marauder
2004 Mercury Marauder
by Chad December 11, 2004
Simply take a good batch of mung, which you can find in any dead bitch, and spread it on some toast and enjoy.
Dame that mung butter was fucking great!
by chad September 03, 2004
1. Insincere or empty talk, nonsense
2 interj. Nonsense!
Can the balloonjuice and get back to work.

You bought a new Porsche for $50? Balloonjuice!
by Chad December 07, 2003
Nickname for Screen Gems, due to their frightening closing logo, the S From Hell.
The Scream Gems S From Hell is a 5-second horror movie, surely to give you nightmares.
by Chad June 04, 2004
A very useful invention. An easy chair with a built-in toilet, color TV, phone and refrigerator (full of beer of course), designed to eliminate the need to move.
Wow, thanks to my new Napper Crapper 9000, I can watch the game, guzzle beer, and never have to go to the bathroom! That lever on the side flushes the toilet!
by Chad December 17, 2003

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