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A term used to describe something that is so good that there is no other term to discribe it. Can be used when describing a person, event, or object.
Almost interchangible with: Cool, Sweet, Hot, Awesome, Smokin', sexy, Bomb, etc.
1."That car is giggin."
2."Look at that girls ass... she's giggin!"
3."Oh man, you brought me a 40...giggin!"
by Chad December 11, 2004
the mixture of one's ass-mud with a load of hot steaming man sauce. Once the creamy chowder and ass-mud have combined and fermented over a week long span of time, the gooey, sloppy substance that is then shat becomes the ever mysterious smud.
Smud is manufactured in Sacramento, Ca.

After I knifed and killed your 80yr old grandma, I shit on her, fucked her, then some smud fell out of her ass. It was well aged to perfection. It had the punget aroma of dead fetus.
by chad July 16, 2004
noun: a Caucasian person of Nordic descent.
adjective: of or relating to the Indo-European people.

In other words, it simply means a person of Nordic ancestry. It is not a "racist" group of people as some propagandists would like you to believe.
"Aryans are pretty nice people in general."
by Chad January 27, 2005
A pubic hair.
You ought to shave your chodes dude.
by Chad December 19, 2002
To be disrespected by another who has not experienced the schmoopiness himself
She was schmooped in the back of the class.
by Chad December 14, 2004

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