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The wagjob is considered to be the most intense, painful, and utterly gayest and most homoerotic form of sex, ever. It involves eight condoms, six dicks, three plastic bags, a towel and a stork. Only performed by the gayest possible men on earth. The wagjob has only been performed one time in history, and even then, three of the participants as well as the stork died. It is essentially, completely fucked up.
Gangsta: Ay man, those gay dudes are having a wagjob!
Balla: Shit, thats fuckin gay as fuck man.
Gangsta: Damn dude! One of em just died!
Balla: Gay ass fags, check his wallet for cash.
Gangsta: Aight..
by cdogg23 October 23, 2007
A rare form of inbred monkey that live primarily in used condoms, gutters, garbage disposals, and windmills. i.e. a monkey so gay, that its only form of employment is cleaning the cunts and nutsacks of transgender freaks. A fucked up monkey.
Raphael: Yo, what u got under ur bed?
Demetri: Shit, piss, whiskey, and a Douche Monkey...
Raphael: Sweet, can I buy your Douche Monkey?
Demetri: Hell no, then no one would clean my balls!
Raphael: Ur a fucked up dude..
by cdogg23 October 23, 2007
Esentially, a snowfight taking place in the 3rd world country of Azerbaijan, involving ski masks, drug lords, pure cocain, the occasional wagjob, and collected bits of gypsy-like trinkets and other such strange objects iron plated dildos and used condom wrappers. The snowfights usually take place in Azerbaijanian ghettos where the common folk are too poor even to afford proper snow. More often than not, the two sides of the fight will set up loads of heavy artillery designed to rapid fire loaves of bread, opium seed, and other baked deli products. The snowfights are generally resolved by Azerbaijanian-Nation Diplomat/Informants, who compare cock size and determine the winner.
Alexei: Fire the poppy seed muffins comrade!
Vladimir: Ay, for the motherland!!!!
Alexei: Were in Azerbaijan, not Russia you cock sucker.
Vladimir: Ay, For... Azerbaijan then.. wherever the fuck that is..
Alexei: Lets engage in that wagjob over there comrade!
Vladimir: Ay, in the name of bread! Sesame seed baked loaves! This Azerbaijanian Snowfight is getting rough comrade!
Alexei: Shitdood, we're out of snow! Cum on that patch of shrub there comrade, maybe it will freeze and we can use it as ammo!
Vladimir: Ay comrade! I cant get an erection with all these gypsies around!
Alexei: Then i guess we'll just have to get our ribs removed so we can suck our own dicks, comrade...
Vladimir: You read my mind.
by cdogg23 January 23, 2008
A very metrosexual and feminine goose hunter who thinks that he's black. Usually found collecting goose sperm and using it for cooking projects.
Dayve: Yo, where's that wegroid Nelsuhn?
Babber: Ay, I think he's out goose hunting.
Dayve: Probably jacking off a goose somewhere.
Babber: Yeah, I hope he ain't making dinner...
by cdogg23 October 22, 2007
The Lord Crack. A Crack master, a crack lover, someone who is so high on crack, that they own ass. Also a faggish rabbit who hops around in shrubbery searching for crack rocks which it gets high on. In rare forms, an insult uses between overweight homosexual geese.
Goose 1: I'm so fat, fuck..
Goose 2: Fuck you, Cracklord!
Dude: Shit, I'm so high on crack I could be a goose
Goose 1: Fuck you cracklord!
Goose 2: Yeah, ur shitting us off!
Dude: Shit geese, Im as high as a cracklord!
by cdogg23 October 23, 2007
A wigger who thinks he's egro. i.e. a wegro who has never been to a ghetto, and tries to act homosexual just to be popular. Has also never been to a swamp.

Plural: Woggers
Rasheed: Ay, has you seen dat white kid at school?
James: Yeh, wut his name?
Rasheed: Shit man, i dont know, but he a wogger.
James: Damn, i know man.
by cdogg23 October 22, 2007
Considered to be one of the gayest forms of prehistoric life ever to walk planet earth. The Wiggaraptor preyed on small unsuspecting plant and animal life and commonly consumed only the gentiles of its victims. The remains of these creatures stay gay even in death, and commonly only gay or metrosexual archeologist's can find the fossils. The Wiggaraptor had bright white skin and usually tried to hang around other early life with a darker skin tone, but was almost always ditched due it it's gayness and suggestions of having 6 or 7 consecutive wagjobs. Because the Wiggarapor was born gay it was very hard for it to reproduce, and so it developed ways of tricking animals into getting piggy back rides on its back, then promptly fucking them about halfway through the trip when the animals weren't looking. This created many cross breeds of homosexual prehistoric life which were commonly very fucked up, and so eventually evolved into the Wiggasaurus. Esentially, the Wiggaraptor was a fucked up bitch who roamed around trying to find ass. Recent studies have also concluded that the Wiggaraptor may have been the distant relative of such species as the Egret and Egro, although a proper basis for this assumption has not yet been made.
Niggaraptor1: Ayyyyyaawf, look at that Wiggaraptor!
Negrosaurus: Damn, it tryin to get those ferns to give it a wagjob!
Niggaraptor2: Man thats fucked up...
Niggaraptor1: Ay, I hope that thing dont evolve, if it does it gonna be fuckin screwed.
Negrosaurus: Yeah, itll prolly get called a wegro or some shit.
by cdogg23 November 11, 2007

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