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Something thats huge!
Woah thats a wogger sandwich!
by Kt-Louby March 01, 2009
An article of clothing commonly donned for bathing. aka togs
Tod loves to parade around in his woggers in front of the ladies
by Grim Hoody April 12, 2011
A wigger who thinks he's egro. i.e. a wegro who has never been to a ghetto, and tries to act homosexual just to be popular. Has also never been to a swamp.

Plural: Woggers
Rasheed: Ay, has you seen dat white kid at school?
James: Yeh, wut his name?
Rasheed: Shit man, i dont know, but he a wogger.
James: Damn, i know man.
by cdogg23 October 22, 2007
Excess pubic hair protruding from your beachwear.
Urgh I can see yer wogger!
by Jennie November 15, 2003
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