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Something thats huge!
Woah thats a wogger sandwich!
by Kt-Louby March 01, 2009
13 3
A wigger who thinks he's egro. i.e. a wegro who has never been to a ghetto, and tries to act homosexual just to be popular. Has also never been to a swamp.

Plural: Woggers
Rasheed: Ay, has you seen dat white kid at school?
James: Yeh, wut his name?
Rasheed: Shit man, i dont know, but he a wogger.
James: Damn, i know man.
by cdogg23 October 22, 2007
14 9
An article of clothing commonly donned for bathing. aka togs
Tod loves to parade around in his woggers in front of the ladies
by Grim Hoody April 12, 2011
4 0
Excess pubic hair protruding from your beachwear.
Urgh I can see yer wogger!
by Jennie November 15, 2003
14 11