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a person who enjoys recieving pain. It is quite possible for a person to be masochistic without being submissive, and to be masochistic without being masochistic. It is also possible to be a masochist AND a sadist.
i'm the type of masochist who enjoys tactile stimulation, but not percussion
by calamity December 05, 2003
To woop someones ass horribly in Ultima Online, Counter Strike, or any other random online game.
"Dude you just got owned by that noob ass bitch"
"Fuck you"
by Calamity October 02, 2003
An evil cult, hell bent on taking over the world one mind at a time.
If those damn mormons knock on my door one more time, I'm gettin the gun.
by Calamity May 29, 2003
a badass gundamin gundam seed who 0wnxor the other n00b gun-damns with its big gats. It rides on a little birdy gundam shooting sensless piecess of cannonfodder
cannon fodder: ohhhh noooo its teh calamity gundamn!!!! *argh gets shot by teh calamity!
by Calamity October 05, 2003
When someone is simply too hot for normal adjectives
dayum girl you lookin flive ;)
by cAlAmIty September 19, 2015

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