a numerical value greater than or equal to 5 used when an exact number is not known.
I don't want to watch that movie I've seen it like flive times!

I've lost interest in that song it is getting kinda old. I've heard it like flive times already!"
by drey11 April 03, 2011
The combination of a flip and a dive

A fail off of a spring diving board
Rachel: Dude, did I just do a flip or a dive? I can never tell!
Camila: That was definitely a flive, an ungraceful one at that!
Nicole: I gave it a 1.3 out of 10
Rachel: Derp.

Bob: As a lifeguard, I get very nervous when I see flives, they are not only ungraceful, but painful as well.
by RachelValentine June 07, 2010
a good expression / word for www.live365.com flive abbr.; live three sixty five > live five > conversely: flive
I like flive radio stations but there are too many of them for one chosen style
by Andrius March 02, 2008

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