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Bachman-Turner Overdrive, a Canadian rock music band.
dude 1: " hey dude 2, i just bought a BTO cd"
dude 2: "OMG, WTF is BTO?"
dude 1: "it's a canadian rock music band"
dude 2: "ROX!!!11!1"
by Rox n' Rofll October 01, 2006
Bathroom Time Off - Similar to PTO (Personal Time Off), one can easily achieve 40 hours of additional vacation time by taking a daily 9.23 minute dump at work. Executive types and employees with seniority can often increase their BTO up to 60 hours/year by extending their bathroom sessions out to 13.85 minutes.
Damn! I've got to level 168 on Candy Crush this year just on BTO alone.

I took so much BTO this morning that my legs went numb!

Thank god the company WiFi reaches the bathroom or I would've use $30 bucks in data while taking BTO this week.
by Enema Dreams January 23, 2016
Acronym for, "besides the obvious".
Survey Question: "What are 5 things that you can't live without?"

Example response: "Well, BTO, Nascar, welfare, freeganism, queefing, and Mozart.
by Danial Willow July 31, 2011
(bee-toze) Used as a shortened version of burritos. Often used as a reference to the fast food restaurant, "Chipotle".
Dude, lets go to Chipotle for some B-tos.
Im craving some B-tos right know.
by Dwiz March 07, 2010
"But The Opposite"

BTO is used to emphasize that what you just SAID was completely the opposite of what you actually MEANT. This allows you to covertly talk to friends during conversations in public and is an easy way to get your message across while texting.
Example conversation:
Girlfriend: "I think it would be fun going for a walk and talking about our feelings today instead of watching football and drinking beer all day. Doesn't that sound fun?"
Boyfriend: "Yeah it sounds great...BTO!"
by Mich Light Mafia - STL October 24, 2010
But The Opposite
Example 1, during conversations with your spouse:
Megan: "Maybe instead of watching football and drinking beer this Sunday we should go for a long walk and talk about our feelings."
Eddie: "That sounds like a great idea...BTO!"

Example 2, when referencing fugly peeps: "That girl is banging hot...BTO!"
by Mich Light Mafia - STL October 24, 2010
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