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28 definitions by buddy

"buddy, get sundar outta my crib aight!"
by BuDDy February 22, 2005
1. A word to describe something you think is either "cool" or "groovy".

Created by by combining the words "cool" and "groovy" into one "croovy" word.
"Wow! I think that shirt is croovy!" exclaimed Chad, right before getting his lights punched out.
by Buddy September 05, 2004
to be eatten out in a circular motion and being cleaned out dry... like a buffer to a floor.
fred was buffering suzy as if there were no tomorrow
by buddy April 08, 2004
A gay and annoying person who has sex with animals.
har har har look at that fagmogoad
by buddy January 09, 2004
Yo, in one of the indian languages means; Hey you!!!
Yo, What are youd doing.
by Buddy November 17, 2003
Sex without a condom, especially anal sex between two men without a condom.
After she became a he, Roxy's barebare sessions continued after Halsey's anal orgasm gushed mounds of perly jizz on her, er uh, HIS freshy baredback(ed) bung hole.
by Buddy December 02, 2003
A sweater of no/or little value often torn or missing specific lettering/logos/tags that any normal sweater might of once had.
I ran out of laundry so I wore my ugly sweater.
by BuDDy February 22, 2005