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Crew + Groovy = Croovy. is a group deal savings website where group power meets mortgages. When people buy together, everyone saves.
I save $300 per month on my mortgage because I joined Croovy.
by cuteculturechick August 19, 2013
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An odd mix between cool and groovy: usually used by accident when one can't decide which word to use.
Morgan: That concert was so awesome.
Bonnie: Yeah it was croovy...
Morgan: Croovy? LOL
Bonnie: Hehe...O_o
by ToxicEuphoria July 21, 2007
crutex + groovy = croovy
anything that is like crutex or that crutex likes is all croovy.
by joe September 26, 2004
1. A word to describe something you think is either "cool" or "groovy".

Created by by combining the words "cool" and "groovy" into one "croovy" word.
"Wow! I think that shirt is croovy!" exclaimed Chad, right before getting his lights punched out.
by Buddy September 05, 2004

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