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Generic, "boilerplate" information (such as hours of operation, directions, fees, etc.)used in press releases and ad copy.
The newspaper needed information on next week's event right away, so I just gave them the usual blurbage.
by Buddy September 28, 2003
Rappers use this ISH thingy with every word like yo.
Rapper1: Yo man, you are so urbanish.
Rapper2: Yo man yo,
by buddy November 18, 2003
definition: to be screwed over by a superior, to be held down, to be overworked and underpaid

background: bay area urban legend
You have just been mirvissed.
by Buddy December 07, 2004
what my roomate says everytime i say "where do you want to eat tonight, buddy?" the reply is meant to get under one's skin. your momma's hood
Buddy: Friend, its your special night where do you want to eat friend?
Friend: Umm, I don't know, oh how about your momma's hood?
by buddy March 06, 2004
The grand prize winner of the wankers ball. Often called the chaffing quuen or the speminator, he plays nintendo every day and every week he does yoga until he reaches the ultimate goal of sucking his own weiner. After the sperm is layed upon his mighty fingers, he then thrusts the sperm into his butt while reapeating the words, i am successful.
Mike Throckmorton is the Wankin Joe.

Did you see that guy, he has potential to be wankin joe this year.

I love sperm
by Buddy May 30, 2004
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