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Often want to belong somewhere, or to something at any rate. Most, I admit, are grumpy, rebellious, lo-life. But some are GREEEAATTT!
But please, please, listen to them! They often have a lot of very interesting things to say and are lovely peeps :).
Most definitions are extremely biased, and very hypocritical. They describe teenagers as grumpy, whinging kids. But if you say that, it's something along the lines of: Pot calling the kettle black ;)
No example is necessary as teenagers vary in music taste, clothes taste and opinions
by Brit December 26, 2004
the state of virginia
i reside in va,
ride in va,
most likely when i die,
ima die in va
by brit April 30, 2004
Derived from the legendary 80's hair metal band Dokken. The word is basically another word for cool.
That widget is dokken man
by Brit May 19, 2004
something from the past, sometimes from one's younger years, or the beginning of something.
"I used to play some ball back in the day."
"That team was actually good back in the day."
by Brit October 04, 2003
a bucktooth yellow spunge that is a dork
by brit August 17, 2003
One who is extremely hot
oi, oosah at 2 o'clock

insert name here is an oosah
by Brit January 10, 2005
I've never even heard of people using them as 'sex' bracelets. I've heard them called it before but never actually used. Most people just use them as friendship bracelets or an acessory..
I wear two linked together everyday...normally black or red. This doesn't mean ANYTHING to me. I mean sometimes my friends and I will be stupid adn break each others...but we don't use it as more than a friendship thing..tying a knot in it for each person to help snap it making a wish as you knot it. It's stupid whoever is using them for sex.
by Brit December 23, 2003

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