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a badly programmed ballistic weapon used to indiscriminantly target innocent civilians under the impression of high-tech, high-precision warfare.
"That cruise missile just hit Bulgaria"
by brit March 26, 2003
something that falls out of the sky for no reason.
she jumped off that roof and fell like a helicopter
by brit March 26, 2003
The best store ever to be made. It's just like Abercrombie and Fitch but the clothes are less expensive. The atmosphere is awesome and the music makes people happy. Also, hot guys work there and its fun to just walk in and pretend to be looking for clothes but really your looking at the gorgeous guy folding the clothes 10 feet away from you.
Kelly: Lets go shopping!
Mariah: We have to go to Hollister first
Brit: Omg yes! They have the best clothes there and the guys are hot too.
by brit January 15, 2005
A sign that I would love to steal.
That sign over there says Dip.
by brit March 08, 2005
A word/number joke insdie joke that many now freshman have carried from middle school. Appears everywhere.
"Oh my god, we are on page 49!!!!!"
-Murph in writing lab
by brit March 06, 2004
really, pathetic,
Kinda like a hippy.
Not a compliment.
Looks so bad in clothes it's almost embaressing
Jeez, she looks so gawky in that
by Brit January 09, 2005
A loose ass girl who is about doing every and anything.
Similar to hoe
Me and my homeboys ran a train on the bout it last night.
by Brit March 04, 2005
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