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18 definitions by brianna

A feeling which makes you think there is no hope, no way to survive, and no point in carrying on this charade you calla a life. A feeling which is so emotionaly pressing, you feel as if you're going to explode with tears.
If you cry every night, but have no reason to cry, you may be suffering from clinical depression.
by Brianna March 09, 2004
1914 271
thiz is what it iz. slang for etc.or dope. from the underground andre hicks(mac dre).. or like ay lets do tha thizzle dance~
lets bust out the thizzle. or pop the thizzle
by brianna April 09, 2005
123 51
Pee shy a.k.a pee anxiety --
You have to pee like a champ....unfortunately, when you get to that public urinal it is to quiet. You fear your peeing sounds will be to loud (echoing throughout the numerous other stalls) so you are unable to release your urine.

A fear that another person is listening to you urinate, your muscles tighten up, no matter how hard you try you cannot urinate.
"Turn on the water so you cant listen to me pee"
by Brianna August 27, 2004
98 36
extremely sexy people, a group of select few, they enjoy lesbian action in public, and they are the sex goddesses of human kind
by brianna March 25, 2003
50 25
word describing true feelings for someone; one of paula abdul's songs; the study of the chemistry between simon cowell and paula abdul
you got that vibeology when your body's next to me.
by brianna March 30, 2005
16 9
Not guilty by reasons of insanity.
"im not crazy, im insane." zodiac killer
by brianna July 31, 2004
7 1
Boger (long o sound; not booger) is my last name thank you very much. It does not mean ho and I regularly take showers every day.
Boger is my last name!
by Brianna December 28, 2004
30 27