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126 definitions by brett

sit on a toilet. Shit on a napkin.
He pooped on a napkin and told me it's fudge.
by Brett January 29, 2005
One who is in harmony with popular culture; trend setter, popular amongst peers, a true Rico Suave
"Check out that Indie Biz Mo's blazer!"
by Brett December 03, 2004
Classification for Gaga's.
(1)That one chick in my history class... what a Dru C.
(2)Dru C is taking over...
by Brett September 27, 2004
a definaitoion for a disease used for people who dont have a reson for not doing something (An excuse)
oh im sorry ive got paranamanelia
by Brett April 26, 2004
The ghetto black girl way to refer to the famous playwright.
"Girl, we funna be watchin' ShakeESpear In Love tomorro night at the hizzy shizzy yo, Bitch"
by Brett October 26, 2003
A short, dorky guy that is commonly victimized by Puffalumps, and almost always deserves it
Yichard needs to be attocked
by Brett October 01, 2004
people who participate in a variety of activities including, a. jumping with the left foot forward,
b. ganking,
d.mortar and pestling,
f.pwning with swords
Generally identifiable by the obvious awesomeness.
That matzab was friggin pwning shit like it was his birthday.
by Brett February 11, 2004