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126 definitions by brett

The vigorous head shaking action of a dog or cat after they have had something to eat. Somewhere between swallowing and slobbering.
The cat ate some lovely sloppy tinned fish and jumped up on my chest whilst I slept and swabbled.
by brett January 20, 2004
Huge nuts.
"That guy's got plenty o' nutshang," said Kevin
by Brett August 25, 2003
a term for a basketball

like "yo nigga toss me the rock"
by Brett August 20, 2003
The act of wearing a bright yellow dragonball Z shirt to a school band concert where you are supposed to wear black and white.
That fucker he had to nickerplooperness last night and fuck over our chances of getting some fat ass.
by Brett May 02, 2003
1.one who enjoys sitting on male genitalia
2.sitting on a hot dog
Shut the hell up you weensat!
HaHa, dude you juts weensatted.
by Brett April 23, 2003
A twat, usually male & conceived by the families mother & brother!
A young male who looks mischievous (generally up to no good) wearing a tracksuit wiv rockport shoes smoking & chewing gum!
by Brett April 16, 2004
A person with the voice of Kermit the Frog.
David Pink is a Pinkster.

David Pink sounds like a Pinkster.
by Brett February 16, 2004