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Master of smearages; One who is very skilled at smearing
He is a smiegler and no one wants to go out with him.
by Brett January 29, 2005
the state of being an ass to others.
John Kerry was being very wompus during the election.
by Brett December 03, 2004
Wild Hair Up The Ass.

1. A painful, unexpected situation.
2. A jerk who is more trouble than he/she is worth.
Finding out the electricity was still connect to the exposed wire was a real WHUTA moment.

I hope John isn't coming with us, he's a complete WHUTA.
by Brett July 07, 2004
Huge nuts.
"That guy's got plenty o' nutshang," said Kevin
by Brett August 25, 2003
1.one who enjoys sitting on male genitalia
2.sitting on a hot dog
Shut the hell up you weensat!
HaHa, dude you juts weensatted.
by Brett April 23, 2003
a jewish black person from the words jewish and brother
Yo look at that Jewbro trying to steal my biatch
by Brett January 04, 2005
A twat, usually male & conceived by the families mother & brother!
A young male who looks mischievous (generally up to no good) wearing a tracksuit wiv rockport shoes smoking & chewing gum!
by Brett April 16, 2004

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