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a word describing both the bottom and front bottom of a woman.

A word to describe having had sex with a woman up both holes.
From English Fanny & Bum.
"what did you do to her?", " I done her up the banny".
"do you fancy a banny my love?".
"My fella bannied me a gooden last night".
by Brett March 11, 2005
sit on a toilet. Shit on a napkin.
He pooped on a napkin and told me it's fudge.
by Brett January 29, 2005
Someone who rubs there pelvis up against something too much
He received a pelvic smear from rubbing his pelvis against the wall!
by Brett January 28, 2005
One who is in harmony with popular culture; trend setter, popular amongst peers, a true Rico Suave
"Check out that Indie Biz Mo's blazer!"
by Brett December 03, 2004
Classification for Gaga's.
(1)That one chick in my history class... what a Dru C.
(2)Dru C is taking over...
by Brett September 27, 2004
Someone who doesn't have a father/born out of wedlock and Is being an inconsidarite ass hole.
"Shut up Kevin, your such a shit bastard!"
by brett August 24, 2004
An agricultural device often applied as a tractor attachment used to till soil.
The rototiller made it possible for us to plant crops.
by Brett February 12, 2004

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