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126 definitions by brett

Someone who doesn't have a father/born out of wedlock and Is being an inconsidarite ass hole.
"Shut up Kevin, your such a shit bastard!"
by brett August 24, 2004
One who closely resembles or shares characteristics with a retard and exhibits qualities usually associated with a fool. (fool + retard)
Look at that fotard try to trying to lick his elbow.
by Brett November 15, 2003
Someone who rubs there pelvis up against something too much
He received a pelvic smear from rubbing his pelvis against the wall!
by Brett January 28, 2005
An agricultural device often applied as a tractor attachment used to till soil.
The rototiller made it possible for us to plant crops.
by Brett February 12, 2004
Breast, boob, tit, etc....
"Check out those gigantic lactic caps," said Kevin.
by Brett August 25, 2003
a member of JTF-2 who uses special sounds in CS to gain an advantage.

Alternate meanings : Means To be hacked, gayed, scrubbed, or special sounded
esm got rambuckled in the SEASON 5 CAL-IM PLAYOFFS
by Brett July 07, 2003
A combination between white trash and nigger, usually someone who is A) black and B) poor and lives in a trailer park, or somebody that is A)white and B)thinks they r black
Get yo dirty ass hands off my TV, nukker.
by Brett April 14, 2005