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A short, dorky guy that is commonly victimized by Puffalumps, and almost always deserves it
Yichard needs to be attocked
by Brett October 01, 2004
The vigorous head shaking action of a dog or cat after they have had something to eat. Somewhere between swallowing and slobbering.
The cat ate some lovely sloppy tinned fish and jumped up on my chest whilst I slept and swabbled.
by brett January 20, 2004
A dumbass or tool.
Can you believe that jernuts kevin got a tattoo of Ireland on his arm!?
by Brett August 25, 2003
a term for a basketball

like "yo nigga toss me the rock"
by Brett August 20, 2003
A small fello resembling a leprecon usually found hiding spread asses. Often seen appearing in old school japanese martial arts pornos.
"Yo i watchin part 14552258 of the clit ninja when a noticed a happy green assmonger jumping out of my anus."
by Brett May 02, 2003
The act of wearing a bright yellow dragonball Z shirt to a school band concert where you are supposed to wear black and white.
That fucker he had to nickerplooperness last night and fuck over our chances of getting some fat ass.
by Brett May 02, 2003
Master of smearages; One who is very skilled at smearing
He is a smiegler and no one wants to go out with him.
by Brett January 29, 2005

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