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When you stick a strapon dildo on your head and proceed in a thrusting motion to stick it in a orifice.
Brett loves to unicorn his gf vicky in the asshole
by brett September 20, 2004
a girl who happens to have some excess junk in her trunk

(brett kaz nd shane)
damn son... not even richard simmons could help that think chick

jeez... are you drunk...? that right there is a thick chick!
by brett December 24, 2004
A person who hones there skill with there bone. AKA the kid you wish you hadn't walked in on.
1. Bill, "Oh SNAP frank what are you doing?"
Frank, "I am honering, leave NOW!"
by Brett April 02, 2005
jah jah jah originated as a laugh from some european people and as it quickly spreaded it also got caught on AIM, sometimes it is used as LOL or LMAO or LMFAO.
That was funny, Jah Jah Jah
by Brett February 24, 2005
the hyman of a girl if she's a virgin
I broke that chic's cherry fo' real
by Brett August 12, 2003
I happen to be a mormon only because my fuckin parents make me go to the church. i hate my religion
mormons suck
by Brett June 20, 2003
the biggest pussy alive, walk into one of those metrosexual mall stores and yanni is cranking, you know. the music you think "what fucker likes this?" thats yanni
yanni sucks!
by brett June 14, 2004

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