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Nonsense; To act stupid,idiotic, Nonsensical
He's Acting like a flapdoodle by jumping off the bridge
by Brett January 28, 2005
n. Little processed "you-don't-really-know-what's-actually-in-there" breaded chicken bites, which are then deep fried and served to millions upon millions of trusting customers across the land, A.K.A. Chicken McNuggets.
(speaker voice) "KHHHHHH, welcome to McDiggles! Would you like to try our not so new but oh so delicious troll biscuits today?" ... "no, swamp sauce is extra Sir."
by Brett January 22, 2005
sexy blonde with blue eyes and a body like none other. she's beautiful all on her own, you don't need anything.
Jordi is fucking hott!
by Brett January 20, 2004
a clickable link or hyperlink
use the clink to get to the download
by brett October 05, 2004
one who causes major trouble on discussion boards, chat rooms, and other online things.

Trolls are usually the ones that are anonymous on many sites so they aren't seen, and then they are able to cause major disruptions to sites.
Post one: where can i find a download for this file.
Post two: WTF, just use the freakin search feature, and you'll find it.
by brett January 20, 2004
After you finger the girl's cornhole reach around and stick your fangers in the girls nose and pull straight back. Best when done in doggy style position.
I was doing this doggy style and her was stankin so i jammed my pinky in her starfish and then reached around and put it in her nose to teach her a lesson.
by Brett November 13, 2003
When you stick a strapon dildo on your head and proceed in a thrusting motion to stick it in a orifice.
Brett loves to unicorn his gf vicky in the asshole
by brett September 20, 2004

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