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When someone chews up a grahm cracker, spits it on their knuckles, then punches the *asshole* (not the cheeks) of their partner.
After dinner, I wouldn't mind a grahmer from Bob.
by Brett November 13, 2003
1. A term commonly used with the words "popped" and "her" to describe to someone if you had devirginized a virgin.
2. A small, sweet fruit used to complement sundaes, milkshakes, etc.
"You know Meg? I popped her cherry last night"

"I always eat the cherry before starting on my sundae"
by brett August 10, 2003
Meaning to give oral sex to a women or a man.
"yeah i went down on her"
by brett February 15, 2005
A geek who believes that he's such a huge pimp, just because all the geeky girls talk to him.
"Hi, how are you?" - Edward
"Hey what's up Edward?" - Girl
*Girl Walks Off*
"Ugh! That guy is such a geek, I don't even know why I talk to him!" - Girl
by Brett January 25, 2005
Nonsense; To act stupid,idiotic, Nonsensical
He's Acting like a flapdoodle by jumping off the bridge
by Brett January 28, 2005
A wog boy with extremely hairy arms
That Cojocea he thinks he is Australian
by Brett November 26, 2003
Duck Dodgers is the codename of Duck. No, this has nothing to do with Daffy Duck of Bugs Bunny fame. Or not much.
Duck: QUACK QUACK. I got nothin' to wear to tha partay. OH SHI!!
by Brett February 17, 2005
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