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An overrated overadvertised website which is only designed to make people buy expensive crap they don't want.

Also, a series of annoying ads plastered across every website you visit regularly.
"That ferrit website is so annoying."

"If I see one more of those fucking ferrit ads again, I'm going to go insane."

by Jevon April 17, 2006
A person that seems to spend far too much time on the Overlander Forum.
Oh, and an animal that loves sheep....
See him at
by Brett December 04, 2003
A cute cuddly critter, that has sharp teeth and is protective of his territory...namely Tech Support Chatrooms. EG: WD Chat
Awwwwww Ferrit
by Rook March 03, 2003
Chissle faced penis munching smeg stained trouser wearing TWAT looks like his head has been wedged in a door and repeatedly hit with 15 stone sledge hammer by his manly testicled owning hairy mum.
What the fuck is that......ow its david ede
by conan the barbarien December 15, 2003
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