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1. used as an expresion; fuck yeah, yeah, etc
2. sesh - the smoking of choof
man1: oi we are gona jump this cunt over there.
man2:eshay !

man1: lets go for a esh lad.
by bren May 12, 2003
Originally from a children's tv programme, a boohbah is a freaky alien type creature with a cupie doll's head. There are 5 of them, each in a different colour (blue, orange, yellow, red, purple). They emit squeaky high pitched sounds, and really do your head in when recovering from a big night out.
The Boohbah's are making me nauseas
I turned the tv off because the Boohbahs came on.
by Bren April 06, 2004
The term used for an idividual that isn't typically or classically attractive as such, but has that X factor that makes them irresistably sexy. Opposite of Prohibeted Ferral
That guy's totally an unauthorised hottie!
by Bren April 06, 2004
A person so repulsive and ugly you wouldn't touch them with a 40 foot touching pole.
Ew! Check out the prohibeted ferral!
by Bren April 06, 2004
Ridiculous, pathetic, laughable.
Your attempt to define that word was pisspotical.
by Bren December 02, 2004
Genreally a criminal who steals things.
Also broken down to
"oi lad, lets earch this gronk"
To steal items off the victom.
by bren January 05, 2005
1. used to describe how something can raise ones eyebrow

2. super cool animation group from Dublin (eyebrowy.com)
those eggs are eyebrowy
by Bren April 03, 2005
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