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(v.) to steal
I skifed $50 from my brother.
by sean h. April 24, 2003
Shorterned version of Skivies. Underwear
Pete took off my skives, said kelly.
by iThizz June 29, 2006
word people stole from me
I skifed a gingerale from your mom
by andy July 27, 2003
To take or steal. To acquire in a sneaky manner. To take or steal in a sneak manner.
That dude skifed everyone's Red Bull!

That dude was skiffing everyone's Red Bull!

He skifed my money!

He thought he could skife my money, but he was wrong. ;-)

by Deeku October 20, 2008
To Violently Take Something Without Permission
SKIFE! (Taking a cheesburger)
by Bren April 26, 2003
1. (v)To give felatio
2. (n)felatio
Man, that girl gave me some bangin' skife last night.

Do you wanna skife me up?
by Tim Spruill February 28, 2004
To bum from, or try to strongarm sale of said item.
(As I am picking up your pack of smokes) Hey yo, can I skife one of these smigs of you?
by Steven M. SykeS February 06, 2004
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