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THE Arlington High School located in Lagrangeville, NY. It is named after a neighborhood in the town of Poughkeepsie but now has kids from Poughkeepsie to Poughquag. Has a fabulous yet misundersood marching band, strong music, arts, and sports. WE HAVE A HELLUVA FOOTBALL TEAM. All of the other schools talk bad because they're jealous. Especially John Jay. OLE! OLE! OLE!
Yo, I wish I went to Arlington High School.
by Ladyroro January 25, 2009
Arlington High School was the oldest 4-year public high school in Township High School District #214 until it closed. It was open from 1922-1984. The school mascot was the cardinal, and the school colors were red and white. It was used for some scenes in the movie, Lucas, starring Charlie Sheen. Today, it is used and owned by Christian Liberty Academy.
Arlington High School closed due to declining enrollment.
by Catlady21 March 19, 2010
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