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1) Greek Mythology- A fire-breathing she-monster usually represented as a composite of a lion, goat, and serpent.
2) An imaginary monster made up of grotesquely disparate parts.
3) Relativly new hardcore metal band with screaming, good instrumentals, and amazing lyrics.
1&2) Self explanatory.
3) See Power Trip or Pure Hatred off of The Impossibility of Reason
by Bree August 22, 2004
Hypertext Markup Language
The code for creating webpagges, using tags and other commands that a browser reads and converts into the normal webpages that people see.
I used HTML code to build my website.
by Bree March 31, 2003
new dance craze that's sweeping the underground nation. so old school it's cool.
"roll out the terrarrel"
by bree January 11, 2004
soon to be the name on everybody's lips. pretty much teh hottest guy ever. genius in disguise. can actually spell correctly, but rarely proves it (see name for example). cannot wait to call wisconsin home.
'hey timm...giggle!'
by bree February 03, 2005
when an american wants to put himself or herself above others by spelling the British way
His britishiness becomes obvious when he exhibits his sense of humour....or when he colours in a colouring book.
by bree January 07, 2004
Something your Grandpa says when he really means goddamn.
Where are my dadburn socks?!
by Bree December 29, 2003
what a white girl be rollin' wit when she have mad cash dat she be makin from her own devices
katie been workin' hard, she's got mucha vanilla scrilla.
by bree January 11, 2004

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