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199 definitions by brandon

to be made in the form of splooge
Sploogatize me, Cap'n!
by Brandon April 14, 2005
a crispy, oversized, unflushable turd. cannot be forced down by normal water pressure. often blackens due to aging. overflowage of toilet may occur. may need to be bagged and disposed of before someone dies from its stench
Brandon left a deathstick in the toilet.
by brandon October 01, 2004
Substitute for any profanity.

Could also be used in any of these combinations:

shnaysh-a-fras in the pouch
shnaysh-a-root in the Bararar
...you get the idea
Shut up ya big shanysh!
by Brandon May 07, 2005
A state of absolute inebriation from the effects of alcohol. Stumbling and mumbling are just two characteristics of this state. Losing one's friends in a crowded place and having no recollection of where you are, how you got there or how you're getting home as you wander aimlessly in search of lord knows what also characterize this drunken state. Being ‘Tiesto Drunk’ makes one wish they were dead instead of this drunk, but is not to the potentially fatal point of having alcohol poisoning.
I have no recollection of the night I was'Tiesto Drunk' at the club. What a waste of money!
by Brandon January 04, 2005
A word used to describe when someone is lazy or jus chillin
NO I dont wanna go out 2nite, i jus feel like lazin around
by Brandon August 07, 2004
When having sex in the anal or doggy style position, a man pulls out his penis and spits a little saliva on the girl's back, thinking he has ejaculated she will look back to see it at which point he ejaculates all over her face.
I used fake rain on Scott's mother last night before she pulled a gun on me.
by Brandon March 13, 2004
When a guy wraps his package up in saran wrap, cums in it and slaps it onto someone's face.
You keep talkin' shit and I'm gonna give you a misty flower!
by Brandon February 04, 2004