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Hand On the Inner Thigh. A sign of friendship or affection shown between friends and lovers of either sex. Also exercised when watching scary movies.
Amber: Today has been a total nightmare!
Jared: (places hand on thigh) Yeah, well chin up!
Amber: Your hand is on my thigh.
Jared: Congrats! You've been HOITed.
by fastball35 October 31, 2011
14 0
The sound made when a person falls from a building and hits cement so hard at that his legs split apart.

Contemporary use of "hoit" has also come to mean an epic fail from falling at extreme heights.

The origin of "hoit" is unknown, however it is believed to originate from the video game Skate.
(A man falls off a scaffold stories) HOIT!
by eagerbeaver31 December 06, 2008
7 4
a group of some real trill ass niggas
look at those hoits over there im scared as fuck
by TAY CHOP October 07, 2011
4 2
a sound one makes to imitate throwing up.
When my English teacher gave us a five page essay for homework all I could do was look at my friend and say, "HOIT!!!"
by Stacy L. October 05, 2006
6 7
can be used anytime anyplace, exclaimed or whispered. it is the universal excitement noise for Rob C.
rob exclaimed Hoit! as he bursted through the door to find his favorite food; souls.
by Rob C. January 10, 2004
6 9
A retarded way of saying hot, refering to the beauty of a woman.
holeeeeee she's hoit!
by Mi7ch March 02, 2005
6 10
Another internet greeting.
Someguy126: Hi
Someotherguy949: hoit
by Seif October 31, 2003
4 9