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Gargling with a "google moogle" (see definition) to cure a sore throat; when the idea of actually drinking it (raw eggs, warm milk, etc.) makes you want to puke.
Judy: "What are those disgusting sounds you're making?"
Diane: "I'm just doing a quick gorgle morgle before my audition for American Idol."
by brainyuck November 23, 2011
A hot eggnog drink for when you have a cold and sore throat and are too sick to do anything but mindless googling.
Derived from the Yiddish drink - "gogl mogl" - a non-alcoholic eggnog given to sick kids for generations by their Jewish mothers, before and after the advent of penicillin, OTC meds, etc.
Rachel (lying in bed with her laptop): "I feel so crummy with this sore throat. I don't even want to get out of bed."
Jacob: "Don't worry, honey. I'm going to whip you up a google moogle and you'll feel better in no time."
by brainyuck November 22, 2011
The act of kicking (with or without boots) a dying computer to get it to boot up, when nothing else works.
My PC is so old I've got to boot it to get it started.
by brainyuck June 08, 2011
The condition in which a person is so sleepy that she can't remember anything.
Thelma: I'm so sleepy. What was that you just said?

Louise: Turn off the gas!!! Your Zzzheimer's is going to get us killed some day.
by brainyuck June 02, 2011
The condition in which a really nasty viral infection causes your mind and memory to shut down
William: I felt so sick this weekend, I didn't even check my calendar and I totally forgot about Kate's party.
Phil: Sounds like you just had a bad case of Fluzheimer's. Besides, Harry was there and he grossed everyone out.
by brainyuck May 29, 2011
What you should definitely include in your zombie apocalypse kit frozen compartment.
Mom: "Hey kids! What flavors of Apocalypsicles should I buy for our zombie kit?"
by brainyuck May 23, 2011
The condition in which you think you forgot, or actually forgot, to close something important - your car, front door, stove, etc.
I can't remember if I locked the car. I must be getting Openheimer's.
Damn, I left the car open again. I've got Openheimer's for sure!
by brainyuck April 21, 2011

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