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a female who is generally well-rounded in all aspects of her personality.

A Cristy is especially helpful with advice to other friends. She is a very caring and respectable person. She shines with beauty inside and out. Nothing bad can be said about one. However, they will get really pissed off when they are used by their friends. They also don't like it when their friends are influenced by others not to think for themselves. When this happens, they usually let this person deal with the problems he/she has created on his/her own. However, if their friend changes for the worst and does not look to fix the friendship that he/she has ruined (sometimes due to devoted attention to the opposite sex), she will generally move on to someone who cares about the friendship.

Cherish your frienship with a Cristy, for she will be one of the best friends you will ever have.
Cristy gave him her view on the matter, influencing him to make his final decision.
by Sabella August 24, 2006
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