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one who humps bunkers.
That george is such a bunkahumpa.
by bobby November 29, 2003
This word is quite common in Boston, I have also heard it in South Eastern Ohio.

The definition I would say is slightly different than what is listed. Normally the person denying the source of the St. Pierre Bomb is someone other than the one who took the dump.

It is usually the bomber's good friend, spouse etc.
Nobody will ever fess up to that st. pierre bomb
by Bobby April 16, 2005
Bruce you fat flabby git, hope this works lol.
What the hell is you up 2. Has your mutha found that cucumbar Jim shoved up her...?
Yo, What the FCUK. Bruce yo iz nearly Obese. If you woz Ginga youd need to Die It lol
by Bobby November 16, 2004
really big, very HUGE.
- hey, look at my boobs !
- good lord, you have glorious breasts !
- yeah, they are hummulus.
- be proud !
by bobby September 22, 2004
When you go to fuck a girl but you reqalize shes a dude you grab her by the toes and staple her to a tree and whip out your cock and beat her to death with it.
"Yo man it happened again"
"I hadda terfidid this bitchdude"
"what'd you do with the body"
"Well i rolled my blueballs away and threw her in a dumpster"
by bobby April 04, 2004
someone who cheeses butts ... alot
dude eric wittmer is a total butt cheeser devil...he wont quit cheesing my butt.
by bobby March 05, 2004
weird chode..loser...
Nic Holldorf is one weird sob..
by BOBBY February 06, 2004

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