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Used to describe breasts that are saggy, and floppy.
Man, your grandma's got some wicked floobies.

She'd be hot if it weren't for those floobies.
by Bob Johnson April 06, 2004
Laughing My Penis Off
That joke made me lmpo.
by Bob Johnson March 07, 2004
that which the gostak does to doshes.
"The gostak distims the doshes."
by Bob Johnson October 23, 2003
The weakest coffee in the world.
If you want a weak, non-threatening coffee with no power, opt for Kofi Annan.
by Bob Johnson May 14, 2005
An adjective describing something as the sloppiest form of shit.

A state of being in which one feels worse than shit.

A bad or mean thing to do.
After that wet burrito I left the toilet all shlitty!

12 shots and 12 hours later I was all hungover and shlitty.

Running over that cat was pretty shlitty man!
by Bob Johnson April 06, 2004
A term describing an individual of uncanny domination and ability in various acpects including the opposite sex, day-to-day tasks, and personal aspirations.
dMyzE is so secsy, I want to be him.
by Bob Johnson June 07, 2003
A stupid, oafish idiot. Often used to make fun of someone playing a childish card game.
Hey dumbass, you're playing Yu-Gi-Oh? You're a queer deezledorf!
by Bob Johnson November 05, 2003

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