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Used to describe breasts that are saggy, and floppy.
Man, your grandma's got some wicked floobies.

She'd be hot if it weren't for those floobies.
by Bob Johnson April 06, 2004
Messed up, not functioning correctly. Said of hair, clothes, political situations. Basically synonymous with "there is something amiss with..."
"Did you just wake up? Your hair is all flooby."

"This cd is flooby. Try wiping it with a clean cloth."
by throatie November 23, 2006
Breasts that are floppy as hell. If you have floobies, they do come with the George Foreman Grill Attachment. Perfect for cooking Bacon and other pork products.
That Ox cooked up some nice bacon in those floobies.
Watch out! Going into floobie world could give you a burn.

Do Do Do Do you hate me and my floobies?
by Bus 4 for the Marching Band December 08, 2008
being a little bit fat, but not obese; chubby.
Comes from the northern virginia girls who all have beer bellies, but still work out. All they have is a round belly which makes them flooby.
She isn't skinny at all, she's pretty flooby.
If he wasn't so flooby maybe we'd date.
by sarah July 06, 2004
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