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short for ugly, used affectionately to describe someone called ugly.
"what's up ugs?"
by playa fo sho September 18, 2003
a new gang in Louisiana, UGS - Under Ground Savages
dude i wouldn't go to the fair during midnight madness i heard UGS is suppose to be there.
#ugs #under #ground #savages #louisiana
by MadMike813 September 25, 2009
Ugs is the word : 'ugly', only shorter to say, you pick a word that ends with a -y and replace the 'y' for an s. To say it easy, ugs has no 'L'
(Boom)Biggy - (Boom)bigs
(Boom)dotty - (Boom)dots
Said like the Australian boot brand. Used to refer to one or many ugly people. Can be used to describe some thing else thats ugly.
Nancy: Eww, look at that chick, thinking she is all hot in her fit.

Tawni: Yeah i know her and her fit is Ugs.
#ugly #gross #hideous #fly #pretty
by red_hot May 21, 2009
Short for ugly.
That bitch is hella ugs, she needs a tanning booth and some toothpaste.
#ugs #ugly #ug #uggs #hideous.
by Gabee Costa December 08, 2008
"United Gay Sluts"
ugs rapes themselves up the ass and or cornhole.
by bob johnson May 02, 2003
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