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Kids who listen to Slipknot and Korn and wear those damn baggy ass black pants with a ton of pockets and chains. Oh did i mention that they are fuking gay?
Omg look i can fit more slipknot and korn cd's in my super mallcore pockets than you can!!!
by Bob December 31, 2004
A flatulent-sounding explusion of air from the vagina, caused by the pumping of air into it with one's penis, or the spasming the vagina can go through during oral sex, "gulping" in and eventually expelling air.
When Stacey queefed while I was making love to her orally, it startled the hell out of me, we both laughed, and I dove right back in. I quickly learned that her queefs were her body's way of showing how much she loved what I was doing and I welcomed them.
by Bob August 27, 2003
the jewelry worn in stretched piercings. not called gauges. gauges are what the sizes are called. calling it a gauge would be like somebody asking you what you bought, and instead of saying a tshirt you said "A medium".
The kids plugs are 00 gauge.
by bob November 13, 2003
means cool, chilled, or relaxed
i wish i can be more of a leo.
by Bob February 26, 2003
to suck a guys dick or to lick her pussy
go down on me
by bob June 22, 2004
Tits and ass (boobs & butt)
Mrs. Birch has t & a.
by Bob November 19, 2004
The greatest football quarter-back of all time. Lead the Broncos to 2 back to back Super Bowl wins.
John Elway is the greatest
by Bob February 16, 2004
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