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Viki is 1of d funniest people u will ever meet, vikis r always pretty and everybody envys them!
omg dat vikis so fiiiine
by Polly and Robyn April 10, 2005
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a really great person, usually blonde and not much common sense. also to be used as a compliment.
fuck, look at tht viki!
by bob January 31, 2005
an amazingggg person, who is so damn great.
everyone loves her, and she has a cute b/f named Nick HOOOOOOOOVER. and she is good at stuff. lmao
damn its viki =D
by viki m July 13, 2008
a blond fool who is fun to laugh at. likes to smoke bangers and smells like ass cheese.
ha ha ha look there is viki with her bagers hahahaha
by mister meanie pants May 12, 2003

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