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a dildo; a thing to pleasure women
yo dawg i just found my chicks carlos.. nasty..
by bob March 17, 2005
A drink that is far better than nasty-ass Pepsi.
Prices: Coke 24 pack: $6
Pepsi 24 pack: $3

I'll still take the Coke.
by Bob June 10, 2003
a woman who is considered to be dangerously seductive
by Bob December 17, 2002
tha hottest place 2 b
it is an honor 2 b born in qnz
by bob February 09, 2005
Triad (Simplified Chinese: ÈýºÏ»á; Traditional Chinese: ÈýºÏ•þ; Pinyin: S¨¡nh¨¦hu¨¬; literally "Triad Society") or (Simplified Chinese: ºÚÉç»á; Traditional Chinese: ºÚÉç•þ; Pinyin: {{{p}}}; literally "Black Society") is a collective term that describes many branches of an underground society and organizations based in Hong Kong and also operating in Macau, Taiwan, Mainland China, and Chinatowns in Europe, North America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

There are more than 57 triad groups that are active in Hong Kong; some of them are no more than small, local street gangs. The larger groups, including the Sun Yee On, Wo Shing Wo and 14K, are syndicates of sophisticated criminals, mirror images of such similar western empires of crime as the mafia.

Their activities include drug trafficking, money laundering, illegal gambling, prostitution, car theft and other forms of racketeering. A major source of triad income today comes from the counterfeiting intellectual property such as computer software, music CDs and movie VCDs/DVDs. They also trade in bootleg tobacco products.
Triads can fuck up the crips, bloods and everyother dirty mexican gang
by bob June 16, 2006
someone who has given up on finding a partner and has become addicted to masturbating while watching porn. A porniac will do this three or four times a day, and will usually view the porn from his(sometimes her) computer where he/she has downloaded it. Will have a massive collection stored on hard drive
i bet he is a porniac
by Bob June 11, 2004
1. A Virginia Tech Fan
2. A Fighting Globber
3. Anyone who hates UVA
Hokie Fans love to hate UVA
by Bob September 13, 2003

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