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Straight up good amount of weed
I'm gonna get me some major weedage tonight!
by blaze it up May 19, 2005
A female that i so hot, you could wip your dick out right there, and pin her down, and fuck the hell out of her
"Damn that is one fine ass bitch!"
by blaze it up May 20, 2005
To be so bored you don't know what to do, basically to be bored out of your mind
Last weekend, i was bored out of my gourd
by blaze it up May 25, 2005
to masturbate with a vacuum
I couldn't find my blow-up doll last night, so i had to resort ot vacuumbating
by blaze it up May 27, 2005
Stoned and drunkat the same time
I couldn't drive home cause i was strunk out of my mind
by blaze it up May 19, 2005
One who uses a soda can to smoke weed with.

To do this, first the soda can is dented in, and then many small holes are poked into it, you then light your lighter, and suck throught the hole, and you get to see all your beautiful weed burn!
" You wanna go smoke with this new bong i got?"
"Nah man, i'm a canner, all the way!"
by blaze it up May 20, 2005
Short for let us go, or let's go, pronounced like lettuce
lettus, bitches
by blaze it up May 19, 2005
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