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The antagonistic act of abruptly and forcefully applying one's bare anus to another's bed pillow. Very common in college fraternities.
He's sure to have very brown dreams after we cheese plopped all over his pillow.
#cheese chair #buttocks #fart #cheese breeze #anal fudge
by blankenschmidt April 13, 2010
An obese adolescent male with a chronically untidy anus.
Better not breathe too deeply. I heard he's a real fudgasaurus.
#sarge #fart #feces #fudge #obesity
by blankenschmidt April 12, 2010
The bathroom, particularly after someone has had a malodorous bowel movement.
Just passed the cheese chamber. You don't wanna go in there, man.
#cheese chair #sarge #gladys #thermarmalard #stool
by blankenschmidt December 15, 2011
A heavy-handed mildly overweight woman who clumsily takes your anal temperature at the doctor's office, as opposed to a more skilled sarge.
I got my temperature taken by a Gladys and my asshole won't stop bleeding. I sure wish I had The Sarge instead!
#nurse #sarge #anus #doodie #fart
by blankenschmidt April 12, 2010
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