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music style pioneered by dj screw,
where (southern hiphop) get slooowed down and fucked with (repeats, fx, etc)
music for syrup sippers.
david banner mississippi the album (screwed and chopped)

al green screwed and chopped
by nine February 21, 2004
Hip-Hop that is slowed down to 85%-90% of its original speed, then "chopped up" by repeating certain words or phrases in the song. Screwed is slowing down the song. Chopped is giving the song the scratched-cd effect. Created in Houston, TX by DJ Screw. RIP DJ SCREW
A. "Did you hear that track by Z-Ro and Trae called 'My Momma'"
B. "Yea, mayn! That song is chill Screwed and Chopped"
A. "Listen to it when you're throwed"
B. "RIP DJ Screw"
by Peoples Champ May 19, 2006
A style of music that originated in Houston, Tx by the late Dj Screw.
Paul Wall's Screwed and Chopped Album
by SeXiLaDiK08 February 04, 2006
The art of slowing down an original track and remixing it to perfection.
Fuck Action 38 - screwed and chopped by OG Ron C
by james September 11, 2004
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