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when you manage to cum on your bitch and have the cum drip from all sides. you then yell WHITE SPIDER and smile
i didnt have to pay cause i acheived a white spider
by BLAKE October 10, 2004
four F method-find 'em, feel 'em, fuck 'em, and forget about 'em
Man I'm horny, I just wanna fourf every woman on the planet now.
by Blake November 12, 2002
he is the "strongest man in the world." he likes to puke out his food even though he says its normal. he can also resemble a pumpkin.
he also thinks all punkers use drugs. he also likes to say "thats gay."
go dj...fr-fr-fr-e--esh
by blake March 22, 2005
Intense diarrhoea, resembling a volcano. So intense that when fecies exits, it does so at such speed to cause a splash in the toilet water which makes contact with the buttocks.
Man, I had such a volcanus today, my ass was drenched and stinging madly afterwards.
by Blake January 17, 2004
to contract an STD
I gotta go to the clinic cuz i burned my poker
by Blake November 12, 2002
The noise the golf ball makes when it goes in the hole
Did the ball go in?
yeah, I heard it make that sweet ploonking noise
by Blake November 11, 2002
To remove a liquid (usually water or alcohol) from its contents either by reducing ambient pressure and causing the liquid to evaporate and recondense, or by boiling the liquid and letting it recondense.
Distilled water dehydrates you. Brandy tastes very bad, even good brands like Christian Brothers.
by Blake June 10, 2004
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