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A cheesy motherfucker with thinning hair because he combs it too much and a dog of a girlfriend/sister called a "Stella". They wear a lot of GOLD...be it the color of their velour pants, their fake rolex or their shoes. Guidos love bling bling but not the right kind. Guidos are always catholic and love their mommas. Guidos have big noses and beedy eyes.
My dad is truly and Irish Guido.
by blah March 23, 2005
don't worry
<yo>: sorry, can't go out 2nite!
<tu>: d/w, maybe next time then
by blah November 20, 2003
one who grabs or touches anothers ass during games of tag or during stretches, or even lunch time at school
ive been niffed by the niffer
by blah October 12, 2003
A binary operator. Denoted as (^)

^ 01010
by blah August 26, 2003
A nuclear equipped walking battle tank. Metal Gear Rex was held by the army, with legendary technology. The US marines later made use of Metal Gear Ray, which was amphibious, unlike the army's Rex. Metal Gear Arsenal was disguised as a rig in the middle of a lotta water. It was revealed to be more than just a weapon, containing nearly every piece of valuable information to the US government. It wasn't just a weapon, but the core of the country. It was guarded by a bunch of Rays. I don't know where the story goes from there, as I have not gotten Metal Gear Solid 3 yet.
Wow. It's a cool name that has been re-used for projects of killing machines and databases for the US government.
by blah December 26, 2004
a whimpy kid who never got dome
nobody likes kratchwell enough to give him dome
by blah March 22, 2005
A CD that is released under almost every bands name. It supposedly contains the band's best material and often has a DVD with concerts, videos, interviews and such. Sometimes also released under the album name of "The Best Of."
I did a search for albums entitled "Greatest Hits" on MTV.com, but the page never loaded because there were so many results.
by blah April 21, 2005

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