165 definitions by blah

Somebody you hate, and want to destroy
batmans arch enemy is joker
by Blah July 26, 2004
The Lord Of The Flies version of "Cool!"
Guy: I just porked a girl!
Man: Whizzoh!
by Blah August 09, 2003
A crazy Asian of the female gender.
"Look at that Ueda"
"Wet Ueda Pants"
by blah May 16, 2004
A mathmatical graph originated by the ancient greeks some two thousand years ago and still inflicted upon unsuspecting high school students today. Vastly inferior to the hyperbola, of course.
Math geek: I'm not merely eccentric, I'm a parabola!

Math teacher: now, class, graph this equation on your TI-83 calculators and tell me what kind of parabola it is.
Class: *groans*
by Blah November 26, 2003
When a woman isnt well groomed and has to be told that it looks nasty down south.
Shave that shit bitch!
by blah November 03, 2003
A badass woman that can beat your wimpy ass or give you ultimate pleasure!
Damn I wish I could pork a Bene Gesserit..
by Blah August 09, 2003
means to be confused, think something else to what the person is actually saying
"i'm gay"
"haha homosexual"
"no i'm happy i mean"

that would be getting "wires crossed"
by blah March 07, 2005
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