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A way for disney to totally $crew its classic films.
by blah August 26, 2003
A person who constantly waits in a dark or hard to see area, popping out to score an easy kill on a passerby.
Skim always camps with the auto sniper
by blah January 26, 2005
a negative word when refering to british


its not quite as insulting from the american perspective, but it is an insult to the british
you bloddy pome
damn pome
stupid pome
bloody waving pome
by blah November 15, 2004
something you say when something goes wrong
Bob:Holy fudgenuts, I forgot my weed at home..
by BLAH October 01, 2003
an expression of great excitement or if someone is positive about an event
CrazyEyes: So are we gonna go chill tonight
Chemp: hells ya!
by blah December 10, 2004
See kills. They mean the same..
Wow! That guy has so many frags!.
by Blah July 15, 2004
As symple as the term is. In which it means you are a lying bastard.
Dan is a lying bastard. That bastard!
by blah September 17, 2003

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