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165 definitions by blah

Somebody you hate, and want to destroy
batmans arch enemy is joker
by Blah July 26, 2004
188 70
The best screamo band on the face of the earth. They have two CDs, their self-titled CD and In Love And Death.
The Used are amazing in concert.
by blah February 11, 2005
215 100
See Narcissist.
by Blah August 09, 2003
195 83
noun: all a nigga knows
"tremendous cream f**k a dollar and a dream
still tote gats strapped with infrared beams
choppin os, smokin lye and optimos
Money hoes and clothes all a nigga knows
a foolish pleasure whatever
i had to find the buried treasure, so grams I had to measure"

notorious b.i.g.
by blah October 08, 2005
152 55
Any member of the Church of Scientology.
That wacko tried to kill me after I wrote about that SeaOrg murder!
by Blah August 08, 2003
140 58
hot chick, most intelligent mabey slow at times but not very, nicest person i know
wow khushbu is sooo hot
by blah July 23, 2004
111 37
The most badass cartoon villain if there ever was one.
You should never play with fire, Robin. You might get burned...
by Blah February 20, 2005
147 77