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the crunkest kid in the state of new jersey.
Mcenroe was more crunk then lil' jon
by blah March 20, 2005
noun. used to described something that is both sexy and delicious. (adj. sexylicious) Also means that said sexylicious object is awesome, cool, and all of the above.
The color pink is the sexyliciousness! :P
by blah March 07, 2005
aka...Guys that go to Unionville High School. They are usually rich. They are eighther pot heads, or trying to act like their from the gehhto (even though their white and live in like million $ houses), or both. They spend most of their time getting drunk, however still manage to get good grades and go to Penn State.
You Know Ur In Unionville When...

All the guys are wearing the latest Ghetto fashions (ex..South Pole), are wasted, and are smoking a joint.
by blah December 30, 2004
Pronounced "Larver", laver is an edible seaweed commonly found on the south west coast of Wales (around Swansea). Laver has to be prepared at great length by washing many times, and boiled for up to 5 hours and drained to form a gelatinous puree. It is mixed with fine oatmeal, formed into small cakes and fried in fat. If you are after a traditional authentic flavour serve it with some vegan bacon.

Of course, in olden times, and even now in the countryside, there was a hot cooking "range" constantly available, so extended cooking times for things like laver were no problem. Nowadays it is less convenient (but you could try using a pressure cooker or microwave)

I have no idea why it is called "bread"!
imma go buy LAVER BREAD!
by blah March 15, 2005
to Break someting......destruct something
NOOO my computer is horened!
by blah November 30, 2004
plural women
i hopes there is sum laydeez at the club
by blah May 02, 2004
Little brown kid who fucked his cousin. See cousinfucker
Faire from Chile
by Blah March 07, 2004

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